«Education Abroad» Virtual Fair

In time of closed borders and fully quarantined new reality, schoolchildren and students forced to study online along with prohibition of mass events, organizers of the Education Abroad Fair launch a new project: Online University Fair “Education Abroad” online.edu-abroad.com.ua

The Fair “Education Abroad” has an official international status and is currently the largest educational exhibition in Ukraine.

For 18 years in Kyiv (at the "Ukrainian House") we have been gathering representatives of well-known educational institutions from different parts of the world so that you can get the most up-to-date information about quality and affordable education abroad. From 2019 the exhibition is also held in Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Also, we are expanding the geographic diversity of our visitors

Ukraine is not the only country which applicants you can communicate with! We have planned to attract entrants of Ukraine and Belarus to this online fair with the further enlarge of our target audiences to Moldova, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Slovakia 1,265 Hungary 1,193 Canada 1,146United Kingdom 910 Bulgaria 678 Turkey 579 Netherlands 444 Spain 410 Belarus 363 Switzerland 358 Romania 332 Greece 246 Latvia 242 Estonia 218 Lithuania 208 Norway 205 Finland 200 Sweden 196 Argentina 181 Portugal 154 Australia 144 Belgium 144


Online fair gives next opportunities for your potential student:

  • Visit the great variety of foreign universities virtual stands from all over the world within a few days;
  • Attend free video seminars dedicated to introduce abroad studying programs.
  • Direct communication (via video conferencing) with representatives of foreign universities without intermediaries.
  • And if the visitor does not have time to speak with everyone he wanted to – it’s no problem anymore! Once the exhibition is over, the conferencing video archive will be open within a month.

  • Live interaction between visitors and participants will be provided via ClickMeeting online conferencing service, which will run 1 presentation up to 1 and a half hours long with further Q&A session during one of the days of the exhibition.
  • Presentation time is determined by the Participants depending on the received applications after agreement with the Organizers.
  • Any visitor registered to the fair will be able to connect and receive comprehensive answers to his questions from the concerning educational institution.

Before commencing direct communication, visitors will find the following important information on the main page of the fair:

Basic information about the educational institution, including name, logo, address, contact information, additional information about the university and a list of fields of study and program subject areas (specialties)
5 to 10 slide presentation
Advertising brochures in .pdf format
A video presentation about your institution on YouTube
Welcome video with representor, with who visitors will communicate in chat

The advertising campaign of the fair will be held:

  • In Ukraine - Facebook / Instagram / Telegram / Viber;
  • On educational websites;
  • Google Ads;
  • For Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan –
    Facebook, Telegram, Yandex direct and VK;
  • Direct mail

Don’t let the virus halt your success!