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Направления и специальности

  • Авиационная и ракетно-космическая техника
  • Автоматизация и приборостроение
  • Архитектура и строительство
  • Производство и технологии
  • Землеустройство
  • Электроника и телекоммуникации
  • Электрическая инженерия
  • Экономика и предпринимательство
  • Энергетика и энергетическое машиностроение
  • Информационные технологии
  • Менеджмент и администрирование
  • Механическая инженерия
  • Радиотехника, радиоэлектронные аппараты и связь
  • Системные науки и кибернетика
  • Транспорт и транспортные технологии
  • Физико-математические науки
  • Химическая и биоинженерия
  • Международный бизнес
  • Управление, Туризм

Краткая информация

Вильнюсский технический университет Гедиминаса (VILNIUS TECH) - ведущее высшее учебное заведение, расположенное в столице Литвы Вильнюсе. Основанный в 1956 году, VILNIUS TECH - один из крупнейших исследовательских университетов страны, специализирующийся на технологиях и инженерии, а также на сотрудничестве между университетами и бизнесом.

Рекламные материалы

Отзывы студентов-иностранцев

Kamila Tlegenova

Every country affects everyone differently in its own unique way. This is my fifth month in Lithuania and I would like to share with you my experience here. Since I came here I’ve noticed many different perspectives that helped me to know this country better, such as my University’s staff, my friends, and surroundings. There is always a challenge when one is going to live abroad regardless of age or personal attitude. It is important to adjust to new society and choose the right path to develop relationships with local people, be aware of all unfamiliar rules and laws, and not to lose oneself in unpredictable course of events. And if you are a student you have to focus twice as much in order to keep pace with studies and feeling comfortable in a new country. However, I can say without any doubts that my first period in Lithuania was not stressful at all. VILNIUS TECH creates an atmosphere which breaks the ice. For international student as me the main role played International Studies Centre. Due to their committed work students don’t feel much pressure from unexpected life situations connected with their studies and being in Lithuania. Their organized work prevents any frustrating circumstances starting from the moment when student applies for his studies. Even if undesired will occur, the first thought that comes to international student is to go to the International Studies Centre, where administration will support him in any issues. The ISC is the foundation of my experience in Vilnius, the next who influenced my views on Lithuania are my teachers and classmates. University is a society where students spend most of their time and it is important to be surrounded by those who will encourage in everything you do. I like all my teachers and their attitude towards students. There is no stressful tension between us. Lecturers willingly explain everything that we don’t understand and they show enthusiasm to teach us something new. After my first freshman semester I can say that I got some basic knowledge which can move me forward in studies. Speaking about my classmates I’m really glad to have in my class people from other countries as well as Lithuanians. To know somebody from another place in the World is great and to be friends with local people even better. By interacting with Lithuanian students I learn more about the culture and the country. For me it is very important, because it makes me feel as I am not only a foreigner but I’m also a part of Lithuania – the beautiful country with long history and lush green forests. Lithuania welcomed me with its nice picturesque views and old majestic architecture. I enjoyed walking in the Old City in Vilnius and discovering new for myself. Here I met many foreigners who like me were exploring this amazing Baltic country. I noticed that Lithuanians are nice and friendly to foreigners. For those who speak English or Russian it is easy to communicate, because most of Lithuanians know at least two languages. The Lithuanian language itself is a very beautiful musical language, listening to it kindles in me a desire to speak it myself. Learning culture and people’s behavior here definitely added some colors in my life experience. I can talk a long time about Lithuania, however here I shared with you things that influenced my life the most. I appreciate the work which is done by administration in VILNIUS TECH; it surely helps each student to adjust to a new community. Society in which I spend most of my time creates a positive atmosphere for studies and free time. If the two previous became a “foundation” and a “body”, the culture and beauty of Lithuania is a sparkling cover of my unique experience abroad. I’m glad that the meaningful stage of my life is happened to start here in Lithuania.


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