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Направления и специальности

  • Авиационная и ракетно-космическая техника
  • Автоматизация и приборостроение
  • Архитектура и строительство
  • Производство и технологии
  • Гуманитарные науки
  • Электроника и телекоммуникации
  • Электрическая инженерия
  • Экономика и предпринимательство
  • Энергетика и энергетическое машиностроение
  • Информационные технологии
  • Математика и статистика
  • Механическая инженерия
  • Здравоохранение / Медицина
  • Естественные науки
  • Радиотехника, радиоэлектронные аппараты и связь
  • Системные науки и кибернетика
  • Транспорт и транспортные технологии
  • Физико-математические науки
  • Химическая и биоинженерия
  • Международный бизнес

Краткая информация

KTU - ведущий литовский университет, проводящий исследования во всех областях, отвечающих требованиям сегодняшнего постоянно меняющегося мира. Занимая 1-е место в Литве по трудоустройству выпускников и удовлетворенности студентов, KTU входит в число 500 лучших университетов мира по критериям репутации работодателей (QS World University Rankings 2019). Исследовательские группы, работающие в KTU, вносят свой вклад в мировые научные знания, проводя передовые междисциплинарные исследования по наиболее важным вопросам текущего времени. В университете 9 факультетов, на которых реализуются 122 учебные программы, 23 студенческие организации, 12 общежитий, 7 художественных обществ.

Здесь есть спортивный центр, который предлагает 20 спортивных классов, и издательство «Технология». Информатика и искусственный интеллект, системы интеллектуальной робототехники.

Рекламные материалы

Assel Kuanysheva

Bachelor student of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Hi, there! My name is Assel. I came from Kazakhstan. I have been studying in Kaunas since 2018. Here, I would like to share with my personal experience as a student of KTU. I graduated Astana Bilim-Innovation High School for Gifted Girls in June,2018. I had already known that my future profession would relate to a chemical field. But the question was where to study. I started to search scholarship programs, visit educational exhibitions and work on my CV. Later on, I applied to the Government grant through the Bolashak program to Chemical Technology and Engineering specialization to Kaunas University of Technology. I uploaded all the required documents like: rewards, passport, motivational letter, high school diploma and application form. The hardest part was to write a motivational letter, it took one week (start to do earlier and make a short plan!). I waited the results for two months. And finally, on 13th of August, 2018 I got the acceptance letter! I was so happy and excited to study in KTU. That's how my adventure started. In Kaunas, I met wonderful people from around the world with common desires and aims, got to know the Lithuanian, European culture. I visited a lot of interesting places: zoo, parks with breathtaking views of city, old town, city center, museums, local events and big shopping malls. There are different local and student events are happening: Kaunas 2022, let's talk in Kaunas, SPEAK Kaunas and ESN events. My biggest experience was a STOP film festival, together with VIDEOSHOT members, we made a short film during short period of time. It was an amazing to work with students who had professional backgrounds starting from decoration for scenes to movie details: scenario, voice actor and soundtrack. KTU provides all the opportunities to international students: academic advisers, career mentorship, different scholarships and student organizations for a self-development. It's such an honor to be a part of a big open-minded community. We are waiting for you. Come join us!

Assemzhan Kunsakova

Bachelor student of Chemical Technology and Engineering

The 23th of August, 2019. This is the date of my first time arriving in Kaunas, Lithuania. At that time, I was the 2nd year student of Suleyman Demirel University (SDU) in Kazakhstan, who came to KTU as an exchange student. Like all other foreigners, I was a bit afraid of the new surroundings. I needed time to look through the place where I am and to adapt to the new environment. However, five months were quite enough to understand that I am in love with the place where I am, now. During the Exchange Programme, I was studying in the faculty of Chemical Engineering and have been taught by high-qualified professors, who inspired me to continue my bachelor degree in KTU. Every time, by doing laboratory and project work with my groupmates, I asked myself, why not transfer to KTU?! I have counted all the profits of KTU compared to my current study in Kazakhstan and came to the decision to be a student of Kaunas University of Technology. When the Exchange Program finished, I collected all the necessary documents immediately and applied for the fall semester to KTU. My journey to KTU was not easy, because the process of transferring needed time, but with my effort and wishes to study in Lithuania I gathered all my strength and said to myself: I HAVE TO STUDY THERE. Now, I am a second-year student of the Chemical Engineering faculty in KTU. These days, I can totally say that I am a happy student, because I found the university that matches my background knowledge, surrounds me with motivated, open-minded youths and gives me a chance to practice in one of the most modern and largest Chemical Engineering laboratories in the EU. I think it deserves to live far from family and home, therefore don’t be afraid to start your own journey.


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