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Перелік напрямів та спеціалізації

  • Економіка та підприємництво
  • Міжнародні відносини
  • Соціальні та поведінкові науки
  • Міжнародний бізнес

Коротка інформація

ISM University of Management and Economics is one of the top-ranked business universities in the Baltics, founded by BI Norwegian Business School. Our name has always been closely associated with quality, international experience, prestige, leadership and constant progress. ISM is a modern Lithuanian university that quickly reacts to new trends in the market and applies the most novel teaching methodologies. ISM academic faculty has studied in the best ranked universities in the world, such as Oxford, Harvard, NYU and others.

Рекламні матеріали

Відгуки студентів-іноземців

Nini Gigani, Georgia

Alumna of ISM University, Master student at Oxford University

The university helped me develop a broader and more sophisticated skillset and instilled in me a rigor with which I approach work. I was also excited by the caliber and enthusiasm of the faculty who created a stimulating and enriched environment for learning

Piotr Yakubovich, Belarus

Alumnus of ISM University, co-owner of “Oblrapsagroservice”.

There are many good things about ISM, but the most important one is that ISM is not just university – it is Home. Home where you always feel accepted and if you work on yourself – respected. The home where your parents – lecturers help you to learn that everything is not so complicated around you if you spend some time on research. The home where you have brothers and sisters – bright people with whom you learn how to act, listen, solve conflicts and lead people. I got into this university without knowing what I want in my life, by accident, but left it with confidence in myself and my future. I feel huge gratitude to ISM Community for that major contribution to me


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